Saturday, July 19, 2014

A festive arrival in Nagoya

Nagoya is the place to land in Japan.

Our local Friend Mickey san and his team are the master of organisation and make the arrival as easy as possible with a personal touch not equalled anywhere else.

After arrival and clearing the entry in Japan it is time to go to the train station for our Bullet Train to Kyoto

we made it in the local press

Anais route to Japan

Anais route to Japan is different been our onboard concierge, she is always at the next destination one day ahead of the journey to set up all what we need and check the rooms, the excursions etc...

And she enjoy the Bullet Train from Nagoya airport to Kyoto

Leaving Korea for Japan

Today is a great flight, 570 nm to Nagoya Japan.

We have slots to respect, the weather looks great, the grey ceiling have lift up so we are ready to go.

Tom is at the wheel as we launch as #2 on the Runway

Changes on the return journey via Russia

A week ago, Petropavlovsk Airport started constructions on the apron and the airport not accepting airplanes overnight and very limited number of operations during the day.
This is why we are changing airports in Russia

Original Itinerary (Magenta Line)
July 21: Nagoya – New Chitose – 500nm
July 22: New Chitose – Petropavlovsk – 930nm
July 23: Petropavlovsk – Anadyr – Anchorage (Arrive on the 22nd) – 920+900nm
July 24: Anchorage - Seattle

Current Itinerary (Black line)
July 21: Nagoya – Sakhalinsk – 750nm
July 22: Sakhalinsk – Magadan – 830nm
July 23: Magadan – Anadyr – Anchorage (Arrive on the 22nd) – 800+900nm
July 24: Anchorage - Seattle

we are now going to Madagan

Magadan was founded in 1929 on the site of an earlier settlement from the 1920s. During the Stalin era, Magadan was a major transit center for prisoners sent to labor camps. From 1932 to 1953, it was the administrative center of the Dalstroy organization—a vast and brutal forced-labor gold-mining operation and forced-labor camp system. The town later served as a port for exporting gold and other metals mined in the Kolyma region.[10] Its size and population grew quickly as facilities were rapidly developed for the expanding mining activities in the area. Town status was granted to it on July 14, 1939.[citation needed]
Magadan was temporarily transformed into a Potemkin village to mark an official visit by U.S. Vice-President Henry Wallace in May 1944.[citation needed] He took an instant liking to his secret policeman host, admired handiwork done by prisoners, and later glowingly called the city a combination of Tennessee Valley Authority and Hudson's Bay Company. Wallace's collaborative stance towards Russia discouraged the Democratic Party of the United States from renominating him as vice president later in the summer of 1944, helping lead to the selection of Harry Truman in his place.

A Teppanyaki Dinner ( Japanese) in the hotel

A lot of fun for a Japanese dinner.

The mastering of the knife and the show

Do not try this at home

Cheju a discovery of Korea

I have always dreamed of going to Korea. Cheju an island south of the main peninsula is very appealing as an in between stop from Taiwan to Japan.

We are staying at the Shilla Hotel.

The setup remind me of Hawai and his hordes of tourists.

The accommodations are great, the weather very much overcast but the hotel staff very friendly and accommodating, it look like we are the only caucasien on site,

Under the grey overcast we launch a visit to the only green volcano in the world.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We have past the 20,000 nautical miles mark!!

We are about to leave Taiwan for Korea, so far ore than 20000 nm flown, we still have 6000 to Seattle and then 2400 back to home.